Signs that show it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned –

Have you noticed dirty vents and registers in your home? Have you or a loved one been suffering from allergies and looking for allergy relief? Do you hear your furnace making unusual sounds? Has your home undergone significant construction or renovation recently? If any of these things apply to you, then it’s probably time  to have your furnace and air duct cleaned and inspected..

Often overlooked, cleaning your air ducts and the furnace is important. It can cut costs, increase your air system’s longevity, and boost its performance. Plus, cleaning the air ducts in your home helps you breathe cleaner, fresher air, and increases the efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace.


Why should I opt for air duct cleaning service?

Air ducts become dirty and can be clogged when dust and debris accumulate on the inside. As a result, the circulation of air throughout your home is compromised. The build-up dust makes your heating and cooling systems to use more power to function, driving up your monthly bills. With your HVAC system working overtime, you may need to replace it..


Cleaning and inspection prevents these problems by unclogging your home’s airways and improving circulation. It also takes the pressure off your air system so it can function more efficiently. With the burden lifted off your system, you can cut costs on repair and maintenance.

What are the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning?

Having your Furnace and Air Ducts regularly cleaned and inspected can reduce both short term and long term costs. Cleaning and proper maintenance of your furnace and duct systems can minimize your annual heating and cooling bills. Through proper maintenance and cleaning, you can prevent the possibility of future costly repairs – or even possibly replacement of your entire AC or furnace systems – which could cost thousands of dollars.


Also, by helping to reduce the amount of dust circulating in your home, regular cleaning of your Furnace and Air Ducts can even help you save on cleaning costs for your home’s furniture, draperies, and carpeting.

With Air Duct Cleaning, you can:
  • Ensure that you’re breathing cleaner air
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Prolong the life of your Air Conditioner and Furnace
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Be energy-conscious and environmentally responsible

How often should I have my Furnace and Air Ducts professionally cleaned?

For maximum reduction of dust and airborne contaminants, we recommend that you get your furnace and air ducts cleaned every two heating seasons. For those who have allergies, smoke, have pets or are especially sensitive to airborne contaminants, we recommend cleaning every year. Regular monthly replacement and cleaning of your air filter will also help to reduce airborne pollutants in between cleanings.

Midwest Home Services recommends that when you clean your Air Ducts, you d also have your air conditioner and  or furnace cleaned and inspected. This helps with the proper functioning of your system and can help prevent costly repairs or replacement. If you are planning on remodeling your home or you already have, furnace and air duct cleaning and inspection are essential. Renovating and remodelling a space generates a lot of dust, debris, and contaminants, which end up collecting in the air system.


It is also wise to request air duct and furnace cleaning whenever you buy a new property. More often than not, property sellers do not inspect or clean ducts before making the sale. It is, therefore, likely that the property you inherit will need thorough, professional cleaning.


If you are unsure about whether your air ducts and furnace need cleaning or not, you can conduct your inspection at home. Although the inspection might not be as detailed as that of a professional, a dirty air system often produces some obvious signs. Some of these considreations are:

  • Whether you have recentlyRremodeled your home or just bought a new one
  • Is there Debris or dust around air vents
  • Are there Cobwebs, clusters of debris and gathered dust
  • Is there Dust on furniture and carpet
  • Are there Dead insects or small animal droppings inside the property
  • Can you see and smell Mold on the surface of your vents and air ducts

Another unfortunate side effect of dirty air ducts and furnaces is getting dust all over your décor. By  implementing air duct cleaning , you can help your home stay clean and healthy all year round.


Whether you live in your own home  or have a commercial business, Midwest Home Services recommends that you clean both air ducts and furnace periodically. You should also look for a “Service” sticker on the property. If there is no sticker, it is highly likely that the air duct system has not been cleaned in a while.

I just built/bought a new house, how do I know if the Air Ducts have been cleaned?

Talking to  Homeowners who are selling their homes. We have found that many homeowners (and even some builders) do not get the furnace and duct systems cleaned and inspected before the sale. If you are a new homeowner, look for a “Service” sticker on the furnace with the next scheduled cleaning date..


If you are planning to or have recently remodeled your home, one of the best times to have your furnace and air ducts cleaned is after any remodeling project. The reason for this is simple: during a remodeling project, a great deal of dust and debris is formed inside your forced air system from where it is then circulated throughout your home. To considerably reduce the contaminants circulating in your home, we recommend you to have both your furnace and air ducts cleaned and your furnace filters checked as well.

What method does Midwest Home Services use for Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning?

At Midwest Home Services, we use the  “Air Snake” cleaning method. Our Technicians start by attaching an industrial-strength vacuum to the HVAC Air system, which creates a pulling action throughout the duct system. Then we use high-pressure, compressed air, and the Air Snake to clean each individual vent and the trunk lines of your system.


From there, the technician inspects and cleans your furnace components, including your blower motor, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, burner, and checks the operation of the pilot. These performance level of these parts is examined and tested for efficiency.

We also inspect your air filter, and if needed, can recommend the proper replacement size of your filter.

How Does the Midwest Home Services Method Differ from Traditional Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning?

In the past, air duct and furnace cleaners performed this service with a large truck equipped with a long hose and other loud cleaning equipment due to the lack of proper portable equipment. This method,  though effective had challenges one of them being the noise pollution created by their operation.


First, the truck creates a distance between the cleaning equipment and the air system, which can reduce efficiency. The challenge is to get as close to your system as possible for maximum cleaning power. Third, in an attempt to bring the hose closer to the air system, technicians can create tripping hazards throughout customers’ homes.


Thankfully, with technological advancements in industrial strength vacuums and portable high-pressured equipment, the often noisy truck has become unnecessary.


To avoid the issues that come with conventional air duct and furnace cleaning, Midwest Home Services uses portable equipment, eliminating the need for large truck systems. As a result, technicians can get close to the source of the problem with the equipment therefore improving efficiency.


At Midwest Home Services, we also improve our service by using new cleaning technology. With patented equipment like the Air Snake that uses high pressure compressed air, cleaning gets easier, faster, quieter, and more thorough than ever before.


At Midwest Home Services, we use high powered, industrial-strength, portable equipment that can reach close to the Furnace for maximum cleaning power with a minimum amount of hoses running from the outside to the inside of your home.


For professional, efficient and cost-effective air duct and furnace cleaning services, contact Midwest Home Services today at (612)724-1549, or click our Online Scheduler for immediate availability.