Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning, Repair and Inspection

There's no feeling quite like being warmed by a roaring fire in the comfort of your home while you're reading a book or enjoying your favorite coffee.

Furnace Cleaning And Inspection

When Winter knocks at the door, and the breeze turns cold, you could not have a better friend than your furnace. Living in Minnesota Winters without a reliable heating furnace is like knowingly giving invitations to sufferings.

Air Conditioner Cleaning And Inspection

Just like winters, summers in Minnesota, too, could be hard to live through. You cannot make through hot summer days without Air Conditioners. Therefore, you must get your Air Conditioner serviced once a year.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer is one appliance that we use vigorously, like Air Conditioners. It helps dry our wet clothes. However, what happens we your dryer vent is clogged? In such a situation, not only you won't be able to dry your clothes, but the moisture and hot air will not be able to escape the vent either.

Air Duct Cleaning And Inspection

Dirty vents disrupt proper ventilation inside your home. As a result, the purity of air reduces significantly. Airborne pollutants can cause allergies to you or to anyone else in your family.

Masonry Services

Cracks, dents and damaged mortar creep up on your home when you least expect it. While they seem like minor issues on the outside, they are often signs of deep damage on the inside. This is why our services include masonry work to spot the damage early and fix it before it becomes a serious issue.

Midwest Home Services Inc. is saddened by the tragic death of George Floyd and joins our fellow Minnesotans in grieving the destruction that has occurred in the Twin Cities this past week. Midwest Home Services started in Minneapolis and had its business operations at the intersection of 42nd st and 27th ave in South Minneapolis for over two decades. Though we have relocated out of the city we still feel a kinship with our former home and continue to serve the Twin Cities Metro area and want to do our part to help. To that end we are reconfiguring our referral program so that for the foreseeable future whenever someone uses one of our services and refers someone else to use one of our services which is scheduled via our realtime online scheduler we will donate $50.00 to  The Lake Street Council (501c3) is committed to helping rebuild Lake Street, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve our neighborhoods.